Grail Timepieces

& Xan Barksdale

Who is Xan?

If you’re here (which you are) you’re probably wondering “Who exactly is this Xan guy with Grail Timepieces?”

That’s a great question and I’m happy to answer it for you…

My name is Xan Barksdale and I’m a watch collector on the never-ending hunt for my grail watch.

Like most of you I’ve watched countless hours of “Watch YouTube” and spend almost every evening on “Watch Instagram” lusting over watches I want on my wrist.

I’ve spent so much time watching other people share their watch collecting journeys online that I finally decided I wanted to join the party.

And that’s how I got here.

The purpose of this website…and YouTube channel…and Instagram account…is to share my journey with all of you and actively participating in the “online watch community.”

I think the reason that I first became interested in watches was because of the balance between engineering and artwork. But, the reason I love watches is because it’s a hobby that I share with some of my closest friends. My goal for this website is to gain a few more friends who love watches as much as I do.

I appreciate you taking a few minutes to learn more about me and my watch addiction and I’d encourage you to get in contact with me either through this website or on your favorite social media platform.

Looking forward to “meeting” you!

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